Our company prides itself on providing a unique opportunity for ambitious, career- minded people with a student mentality to learn the basics of running a business from the ground up. Qualified candidates master the management skills necessary to prosper as an entrepreneur and business owner.Omnium Concept believes that the only way a person can learn to run a sales business is for that person to experience the sales function at the entry level. Candidates are taught how to interface with customers, overcome objections and close business deals. Once these skills are acquired, the individual learns how to coach and teach others how to master these same skills the process concludes when candidates prove they have developed the business acumen necessary to be successful ‘This process can take anywhere from six months to two years to complete, depending on the individual. The program continues to enjoy success in Montreal as more and more professional, qualified candidates continue to fill ownership opportunities.


Omnium Concept’s face-to-face advantage is clear While talking with prospective customers at their homes or places of business, Omnium Concept sales representatives are able to look into the eyes of these consumers and interpret their specific wants, needs and desires better than can be accomplished with any other direct marketing channel Additionally, as compared to direct mall or telemarketing, an Concept Omnium representative has the added advantage of utilizing visual demonstrations while addressing questions or concerns Omnium Concept personal touch translates into sales.

Perhaps one of the most compelling advantages of the Omnium Concept approach is that Omnium Concept clients can quickly determine whether our outsourced sales method is the best solution for their business Before investing in expensive ad campaigns, an in-house sales force, or adding retail stores with no guarantee of a return on investment, Omnium Concept clients will find out in weeks, not months, if a face-to-face sales approach is the right choice Omnium Concept can test a campaign in one or two markets and discover whether Omnium Concept unique sales channel will be profitable before expanding to additional territories.