We train the leaders of the future

A vibrant organization

Founded in 2003, Omnium Concept has worked with a mulitiude of companies and conglomerates accross North-Amarica to ensure their campaings’ success throughout North America.

With more than 17 years of experience, the company stays focused on improving procedures and bring together ambitious sales consultants and products from startups and established brands.

Our Identity

Un environment professionel

Located right next to Sherbrook Station, our offices are at the heart of the Plateau and bask in its dynamic atmosphere.

Our teams get access to a personalized mentorship and specific officing to suit the needs of each sales campaign.

Our Offices

A job?
A career.

Our internal culture ensures a steady development in both personal and financial aspects of our sales teams

It is in our mission to work with our sales and marketing consultants in the achievement of their own life goals.

To do so, we put forth different assets and methods at their disposal.

  • Close following and frequent evaluation of the ground performance.

  • Surrounding and assessment of new recruits by the most performing seniors.

  • Continued formation on leadership and effective team management skills.

  • Educational conferences in various sales environments.

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