1. 2005

    Another outlook on sales

    Companies have a hard time maintaining internal sales teams able to connect with their audience in a geniune fashion.

    Omnium Concept opens its first office in Montreal and receives its first contracts to launch mobile products for Rogers Canada

  2. 2008

    A recognized know-how

    The expertise of the founder in the direct sales field starts to spread across the province in the matter of a short few months.

    We become accredited by Bell Canada as the first company to aid in the effort of direct residential sales in the province of Quebec.

  3. 2012

    A culture of results

    The empathy of our teams as well as a focus on real satisfaction for customers during the sales process bears its fruits.


    We earn multiple nominations and awards for generating several millions of dollars for our affiliated organizations

  4. 2016

    An ever growing expansion

    Our organization is now 500 offices strong located not only in Quebec but other canadian provinces.

    We have the chance to test the launch of campaigns from multinationals such as Google.

  5. 2017–Présent

    A sight on the future

    We are commited to empower our organization's consultants and managers to reach greater levels of competence and productivity. In including more diversity in our teams we aim to offer new perspectives to our clients for even better results.

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